The Mokai

The Mokai watercraft idea was born from the need to provide a product that allowed fisherman, hunters and explorers a craft that granted access to those hard to reach upstream or shallow water areas.  We’ve spent the last 15 years refining our design and manufacturing process to produce our latest product, The Mokai ES-Kape.

It is light weight, durable, easy to transport, environmentally friendly, dependable, fuel efficient and above all FUN! From the beginning we set out to make it sophisticatedly simple - a unique hull with modular components that was simple enough for the average user, without any specialized mechanical skills, to assemble or dissemble the craft quickly without any tools! 

The Mokai ES-Kape

Building on the success of our past designs, we re-evaluated every component before using it on the new Mokai ES-Kape.


The Mokai ES-Kape now has a 3 piece modular design. This new feature gives owners the option to keep it as a single monocoque or nest it together for easy transport and storage. When nested together, you can easily transport your Mokai inside a full size SUV or up to 4 in a standard pickup truck. Seperate sections also allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Improved Performance

Our new hydro-dynamically designed hull improves stability and maneuverability, with greater structural integrity and overall performance! The stepped planing hull feature reduces drag without compromising the water flow required by the jet drive.

Easy To Assemble

Assemble the ES-Kape in less than 2 minutes without any tools. The bow and cockpit sections attach using a spring loaded pin and spool design. While the stern section attaches with an alignment pin and threaded clamp mechanism.  Our unique design aligns precision machined anodized aluminum bulkheads resulting in a structurally sound connection that aligns perfectly every time.

Better Control

The ergonomically placed deck mounted joy stick control offers comfortable trouble-free operation eliminating any obstruction in the cockpit area.  The electronically controlled steering and throttle use hi-tech servos with MOKAI's custom designed solid state processing boards.  All electronics are built to a NEMA 4 and IP65 to IP68 rating for confidence and reliability.

Disassembled Components

Bow Section

  • Dimensions: 18”L x 32”W x 151/4”H
  • Approx Weight: 15lbs
  • Attachment: Spring loaded pin and spool design

Cockpit Section

  • Dimensions: 771/2”L x 36”W x 19”H
  • Approx Weight: 85lbs
  • Opening Dimensions: 50”L x 19”W
  • Interior Space: 65” x 36”

Stern Section

  • Dimensions: 39”L x 181/2”W x 151/4”H
  • Approx Weight: 100lbs (including engine and jet drive)
  • Engine: Subaru EX21-electric start
  • Engine Weight: 42lbs

Easy To Assemble

Two minute assembly with no tools required!

Storage & Transport

Bow and Engine section “nest” inside cockpit section for easy transport and storage

General Specifications - Assembled

Overall Length 11' 3"
Width at widest point 36"
Height 19"
Weight 200 lbs
Hull Materials High impact polyethylene with aluminum bulkheads
Fuel Capacity 3 gallons
Fuel Consumption (at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle) 8-10 hours
Draft 4 inches
Engine SUBARU EX-21,7hp, 4 stroke, electric start
Custom Designed Air Exhaust 88 Db at full throttle
Top Speed 20mph (optimal conditions)
Payload 300 lbs
Seating Capacity (Motorcycle/Tobaggan Style Seating) 1+1 (Adult/Child, or Adult/Small Adult)
Price $5400 plus shipping


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