MOKAI family time!

A perfect way to get the kids out of the house!


Catching the sunset

MOKAI Style! This picture was sent in by a MOKAI owner just back from a day of fishing in Oyster Bay.  We're not sure how he did fishing, but he was able to "catch" the sun right before it set!


PRIUS? No Problem!

One of the unique benefits of the modular design of the MOKAI ES-Kape is the versatility it offers when transporting. Owning a boat no longer requires a special vehicle or trailer.  The nesting feature of the ES-Kape "shrinks" the transporting length to 77".  So whether your vehicle is Small (Prius), Medium (standard SUV) or Large (cargo van) transporting your MOKAI is no problem!

MOKAI salutes America's Heros

mokai greets USS Slater.jpeg

MOKAI was happy to greet the USS Slater DE766 as she headed up the Hudson River after being dry docked for hull repairs and new paint.  Her 1945 camouflage paint scheme was designed to confuse the enemy. She is the last World War II destroyer escort still afloat having served in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters.  

The USS Slater is a National Historic Landmark and will be ported in Albany, NY.

Made in America

As we ramp up production to meet the increasing demand for the new ES-Kape model, the MOKAI team was excited to take delivery of another HAAS CNC machining center.  We are proud to purchase these American Made CNC machines from HAAS Automation.  Produced at their facility in Oxnard, California, they are the largest, most modern tool manufacturing operation in the United States.

Our Vision to ES-Kape

The excitement builds at MOKAI as production of the new ES-Kape ramps up! We appreciate the enthusiasm (and patience) of our customers and look forward to sharing our vision and new product line with you.

Need a cure for the winter blues?

MOKAI has the answer with the all new ES-Kape! With the modular design you can effortlessly access those hard to reach places under any conditions.

winterblues cropped.jpg

Autonomous MOKAI: Revolutionizing Glacier Interactions

Scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have retro fit the MOKAI watercraft into an autonomous vehicle for use in their profiling at the edge of calving glaciers in Greenland. Access to this region is difficult, sometimes turning back ice breaking vessels tens of miles from the research site. Originally the team was using expensive underwater vehicles that could only collect data at a distance several hundred feet from the glacier without risk of loss or damage to the equipment. The MOKAI, outfitted to be operated unmanned and equipped with instrumentation to measure conductivity, temperature and depth, allows the Researchers to collect unprecedented data from the edge of the glaciers. We are excited about our continued collaboration with WHOI. 

Photo Courtesy: H Singh, F Straneo, S Das, K Mankoff, D Clarke.

Employing the latest technology

additive machining

In developing the new MOKAI ES-Kape model we are fortunate to have advancing technology on our side.  Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing is emerging as an important resource for manufacturers to conceptualize and critique new parts.  It is referred to as additive  because the printing process actually lays down layers of material to build up the component to the desired form. The completed piece is very durable allowing for machining and testing or even use as the final product. We use these steps to enable greater advancement to take place so in the end the part and ultimately the MOKAI evolve to a more perfect balance between form and function.

Innovation: Understanding the Electronic Controls


One exciting enhancement of the MOKAI ES-Kape is the new deck mounted joystick control.  This “fly-by-wire” micro-processor system incrementally controls speed and direction.  The control box features toggle ignition switch with push button starting, accessory port with 5 amp resettable breaker and a pre-wired toggle switch for user’s  auxiliary equipment. Built to an IP-67,NEMA 4 rating.  This rating provides protection against dust and the effects of temporary water immersion as well as direct spray from powerful water jets. All interconnects exceed the IP-67 rating.  The control box remains true to our modular design and can be removed from the MOKAI in less than a minute if service or custom modification is desired. 

CNC Machining of the Rotor

Watch the CNC machining process