What is the shipping cost?

The MOKAI watercraft is shipped via common carrier for $350. To points in the states of AZ,CO,ID,MT,NM,NV,OR,TX,UT,WA,WY -$450. Additional ocean charges apply to locations (including AK & HI) outside the contiguous United States.
International shipments are subject to duty and customs fees. 

What is the impact to the environment in manufacturing and operating a MOKAI?

Operation of the MOKAI watercraft leaves a minimal footprint on nature. The engine exhausts into the atmosphere avoiding the water system. The fuel efficiency of the engine yields 30-40 mpg depending on payload. In addition our manufacturing process is paint and fiberglass free. All of our materials can be recycled back to the primary raw material.


Is there any danger of a propeller strike when operating a MOKAI watercraft?

MOKAI uses jet technology for propulsion, which does NOT use a propeller. All concerns of propeller strikes to humans or aquatic life are removed with a MOKAI watercraft


Does the MOKAI have a neutral feature?

MOKAI boats are direct drive and engage the jet pump once the engine is started. True ECO-friendly directives discourage the idling of an Internal Combustion Engine.

Can I add after-market items to the MOKAI boat? 

Any unapproved aftermarket products added to the engine or drivetrain may void the Subaru warranty and the MOKAI warranty.  At this time MOKAI is not affiliated nor has approved any aftermarket products.


How do you steer and throttle using the joystick control? (ES-Kape model only)

The deck mounted joystick control actuates throttle by pushing forward and the steering by moving the stick left or right.  The default settings of this electronic system are steering to straight position and throttle to idle position. Water flow is required for steering.


How do you steer and throttle the MOKAI watercraft? (ES model only)

The throttle and steering are one mechanism. The throttle is twist type similar to a motorcycle. That same handle is pushed forward or pulled back to direct the steering nozzle at the rear of the craft left or right. Water flow is required for steering.


What is the seating configuration?

MOKAI is best used as a solo craft. Seating consists of 3.5 " closed cell foam covered in a comfortable UV resistant, quick drying, machine washable canvas type fabric. There are two attached base cushions that can be stacked to allow for 7 " seating height. Side storage bags are sewn to each cushion. Seating for two is toboggan or motorcycle style. 

Can the MOKAI be used in a salt-water environment?

The MOKAI watercraft can be operated in salt water. We recommend removing the engine from the craft after salt water use and rinsing with fresh water then apply a light spray of Corrosion Block. In addition, flush the pump and rinse any areas that came in contact with the salt water. 

What is MOKAI constructed of?

The MOKAI hull is high impact polyethylene plastic. All major components are made of brass, stainless steel, or 356 aluminum with anodized finish.

Where can I service the Subaru engine?

Simply remove the engine from the MOKAI Watercraft and send it back to us at MOKAI Manufacturing. We offer a 24 hr. service model where your engine will be serviced and shipped out within 24 hrs. of arrival.


Is it safe to start the engine out of water?

You can start the Subaru engine out of water without risking damage to the engine or jet pump.


Is the MOKAI available in all 50 states?

While the Subaru EX21 is compliant with all EPA and CARB regulations, at this time CA does not recognize the use of an industrial engine for a marine application. We are in the process of addressing this issue and hope to be able to sell in CA in the near future.


What are the terms of reservation, sale and return policy?

Product reservations are placed via our online submission form. Reservation terms are contained therein.  All sales are Final, but you can cancel your reservation/order anytime before we ship your MOKAI watercraft or accessories.