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Works Great In Iowa

When I first saw the Mokai online I only dreamed I would actually buy one. They seemed fun but a little pricey. Two years later I lucked out while on vacation on the east coast, I was able to pick up my boat at the factory. The quality on these is excellent. Everything was meticulously designed and thought out. There is not a component on the boat that one would consider cheap. Rick, Louis and Marie were very pleasant to deal with. They showed me everything I needed to know about operation and helped me load it onto my car. It was fun to see the factory where all the magic happens :) I've had a great time with it. I bought the Mokai for use in the rivers around me in Iowa. They are shallow and have stumps and logs everywhere. I can go where most boats cannot. These boats will turn heads. I've had people chase me down on the river, stop at gas stations to ask me about it and wait for me at boat ramps just to get a closer look at it. The design is simple but very effective and practical.

M. Neely - Iowa. MOKAI Owner Since July 2010