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Mokai Is Tops

Originally from Namibia, I live in Cavan, Ireland. This county has 360 lakes one for every day of the year and if there is no lake you just dig a hole and make your own lake! You guessed it - Ireland has a serious amount of rain. In March 2010, I purchased a used Mokai and thought ok not too bad, but the more I use the Mokai the more I realize that it is a fantastic piece of equipment! Well made, robust, reliable and simple. I go out at least once a week on the lakes and rivers for 3 or 4 hours at a time exploring the many historical and natural sites with my wing man Jimmy (he is a crazy dog). The after sales service, which I availed of is second to none. Of all my toys for big boys that I own, the Mokai is tops.

J. Joel – Co. Cavan, Ireland. MOKAI Owner Since March 2010