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Fit for a King

I purchased a used 2006 Mokai in 2010. I have to thank everyone at Mokai for the outstanding customer service I received when I brought my boat in for an engine tune-up in March 2011. Expecting to only get some bench time on the engine, and perhaps a look over for the hull, I was pleasantly surprised when I received much more! From Louis working on the engine, which he tuned to perfection, to Mario and Rick working on my hull, I got the red carpet service!! It was like watching a trained Indy 500 team working on a car in the pit! I’m so glad I have a Mokai, not only for the actually physical boat and all the uses it has but for the chance to receive customer service like I got from Mokai. Keep up the great work. I hope to not be back at the shop anytime soon, but I know that if I am, I will be treated like a king!!!

S.Owitz – Shokan, NY. MOKAI Owner Since 2010, Purchased used 2006 MOKAI

"I bought a used MOKAI but still got red carpet service -
it was like watching an INDY 500 Team working in the pit!"