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More Fishing, Less Traveling

Doing some kayaking down here in SW Florida and paddling back into the wind and against the tide after a day of fishing, a friend and I decided we were too old for this routine. We checked out Mokai online, tried them out on FL's East Coast and each purchased one. We fly fish mostly the back country but to get there, there is a lot of open water. Sometimes you get wet if there is a chop but always feel safe. The performance of the Mokai is a lot more than I expected. We spend more time fishing and less time paddling to and from the fishing spots. We use our Mokai three to five days a week weather permitting. I highly recommend this boat. The engineering is excellent and the support from the factory is outstanding. It performs well above my expectations.

J. Baldwin - Fort Myers FL. MOKAI owner since 2012 

We spend more time fishing and less time traveling to and from our fishing spots!