Taking your MOKAI to exciting places?  Enjoying family time on the water? Send us your pictures and share your MOKAI adventures. (Be sure to include your location!)

Owner Adventure Photos

Taking your MOKAI to exciting places?  Enjoying family time on the water? Send us your pictures and share your MOKAI adventures. (Be sure to include your location!) 

More Fishing, Less Traveling

Doing some kayaking down here in SW Florida and paddling back into the wind and against the tide after a day of fishing, a friend and I decided we were too old for this routine. We checked out Mokai online, tried them out on FL's East Coast and each purchased one. We fly fish mostly the back country but to get there, there is a lot of open water. Sometimes you get wet if there is a chop but always feel safe. The performance of the Mokai is a lot more than I expected. We spend more time fishing and less time paddling to and from the fishing spots. We use our Mokai three to five days a week weather permitting. I highly recommend this boat. The engineering is excellent and the support from the factory is outstanding. It performs well above my expectations.

J. Baldwin - Fort Myers FL. MOKAI owner since 2012 

We spend more time fishing and less time traveling to and from our fishing spots!

Quality of Workmanship

As I watched the delivery truck pull up to the driveway my anxiety grew. I ordered my two Mokai a couple of weeks before without ever really seeing the boats (except on YouTube) so my angst was a little elevated. I watched two large brown boxes being lifted from the truck and wondered if I had made a mistake…they were bigger than had envisioned. I think they call it “buyers remorse”…but the feeling was soon to pass. There wasn’t much room in my garage so I stacked them two high. Like so many others probably did, I immediately went to work on opening the top box. The first thing you notice is that this is a substantial box! Wow, are they serious about shipping these Mokai; and then upon thorough inspection I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of workmanship and thought that has gone into this watercraft. If you are like most kayakers or sailors, you appreciate quality and organization…and I mean everything from the seat cushions to the motor brackets. I also can’t say enough about Mokai Customer Service, particularly Marie and Lewis. They will spend as much time on the phone as you need, and are very friendly and knowledgeable. The rest is now history for me and of course the best part is getting in the water…I love my Mokai. Happy adventures.

T. Lyons, Chandler, AZ - MOKAI Owner Since 2011

Breaking the Ice

When was the last time you bought a product from a company 4 years earlier, then call them because a part broke and the owner of this excellent company answers the phone and tells you he'll take care of it and sends the part? MOKAI. Made right here in the US. If you ever buy one of their boats, you'll experience the same kind of service. This is a photo of breaking ice on the St. Lawrence River, Massena NY. What a blast. Best time ever with anything I've ever owned. I thought my jeep was fun 4-wheeling- But this tops it. Thank you Mokai for my 4 years of owning a great product and your excellent service

M. Delaney- Broadalbin, NY. Owner Since 2008

Happy Customer

I just had to let you know what a pleasure it’s been to visit your factory and order my own Mokai. Arriving unannounced and being afforded such hospitality was a refreshing experience, the finest purchasing event I can recall. Louis’ willingness to spend time with me illustrated the pride you take in your product, and the meticulousness with which it has been developed. It’s the perfect small watercraft. Purchasing late in the Fall, I’ve only been able to take it out four times, three of which were in quite adverse conditions on the St. Lawrence River, with strong wind and current. The Mokai is marvelously stable, the Subaru engine quite willing, and the comfort level excellent. My fourth outing was with better conditions, enabling a very pleasant 25 mile cruise from Ogdensburg,NY to Morristown,NY and back. I went back and forth between the American and Canadian shores, about a ¾ mile distance. Fuel mileage was truly excellent as well. ...the Mokai has proven perfect!

P. Brisson - Ogdensburg, NY. MOKAI Owner Since 2011 

"Buying my MOKAI was the finest purchasing event I can recall!" 

Works Great In Iowa

When I first saw the Mokai online I only dreamed I would actually buy one. They seemed fun but a little pricey. Two years later I lucked out while on vacation on the east coast, I was able to pick up my boat at the factory. The quality on these is excellent. Everything was meticulously designed and thought out. There is not a component on the boat that one would consider cheap. Rick, Louis and Marie were very pleasant to deal with. They showed me everything I needed to know about operation and helped me load it onto my car. It was fun to see the factory where all the magic happens :) I've had a great time with it. I bought the Mokai for use in the rivers around me in Iowa. They are shallow and have stumps and logs everywhere. I can go where most boats cannot. These boats will turn heads. I've had people chase me down on the river, stop at gas stations to ask me about it and wait for me at boat ramps just to get a closer look at it. The design is simple but very effective and practical.

M. Neely - Iowa. MOKAI Owner Since July 2010 

Mokai Is Tops

Originally from Namibia, I live in Cavan, Ireland. This county has 360 lakes one for every day of the year and if there is no lake you just dig a hole and make your own lake! You guessed it - Ireland has a serious amount of rain. In March 2010, I purchased a used Mokai and thought ok not too bad, but the more I use the Mokai the more I realize that it is a fantastic piece of equipment! Well made, robust, reliable and simple. I go out at least once a week on the lakes and rivers for 3 or 4 hours at a time exploring the many historical and natural sites with my wing man Jimmy (he is a crazy dog). The after sales service, which I availed of is second to none. Of all my toys for big boys that I own, the Mokai is tops.

J. Joel – Co. Cavan, Ireland. MOKAI Owner Since March 2010 

Fit for a King

I purchased a used 2006 Mokai in 2010. I have to thank everyone at Mokai for the outstanding customer service I received when I brought my boat in for an engine tune-up in March 2011. Expecting to only get some bench time on the engine, and perhaps a look over for the hull, I was pleasantly surprised when I received much more! From Louis working on the engine, which he tuned to perfection, to Mario and Rick working on my hull, I got the red carpet service!! It was like watching a trained Indy 500 team working on a car in the pit! I’m so glad I have a Mokai, not only for the actually physical boat and all the uses it has but for the chance to receive customer service like I got from Mokai. Keep up the great work. I hope to not be back at the shop anytime soon, but I know that if I am, I will be treated like a king!!!

S.Owitz – Shokan, NY. MOKAI Owner Since 2010, Purchased used 2006 MOKAI

"I bought a used MOKAI but still got red carpet service -
it was like watching an INDY 500 Team working in the pit!"

2012 MOKAI River Rally

The 2012 MOKAI Summer Rally took place on July 13th. It was a HOT day, in the high 90’s with plenty of sunshine - perfect for spending the day on the water of the beautiful Hudson River at Plum Point with our MOKAI family and friends. Owners from NY, NJ, CT and PA enjoyed an up close view of the historic and picturesque Bannerman Island. We even had a canine captain,Chance, the trusty companion of Mokai owner Arnie!

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy time on the water with fellow Mokai’ers and share personal Mokai stories and experiences over a BBQ lunch (cooked by MOKAI President Rick Murray!) We are already looking forward to our next get together with our MOKAI family!

MOKAI adventure around the Manicougan Crater

September 2011, MOKAI set out to explore the Manicougan Crater located in Quebec Canada, 980 miles from our factory in NY. Our 2 man team loaded up their boats and gear and headed north. We tracked their daily progress and position using a GPS spot tracking device.  It would take 4 days to complete the self sustained circumnavigation of "The Eye of Canada."  

Anti-poaching Watercraft

The small size of the Mokai boats allows rangers to easily navigate between narrow passage ways of Kamchatka's Federal Nature Reserve, as well as get an up close look at the reserve's abundant wildlife, including one of the highest density of brown bears in the world.

MOKAI Manufacturing, Inc. generously donated two of its lightweight and highly maneuverable watercraft to the WSC to support Pacific salmon conservation efforts in Russia's remote Kamchatka Peninsula. The boats were shipped to Kamchatka, where they are being used by the Kronotsky Strict Nature Reserve, part of the Volcanoes of Kamchatka World Heritage Site. The Kronotsky Nature Reserve includes two territories covering nearly 1.5 million hectares with a range of pristine ecosystems that support viable populations of all seven species of Pacific salmon, brown bear, Steller's sea eagles and more.

In the summer of 2011, rangers from Kronotsky used the crafts to monitor conservation efforts and patrol the Ozernaya and Kronotskaya rivers, which support thriving salmon runs. Ozernaya River, part of the Kuril Lake watershed, hosts the largest sockeye spawning area in Asia and is particularly attractive to poachers. The MOKAI watercraft allowed the rangers to patrol previously inaccessible areas of the river thanks to the craft’s ability to navigate shallow waters without getting stuck on the bottom. Because they are powered by a jet pump and do not use propellers, MOKAI watercraft minimize damage to spawning salmon or their nests (redds). The rangers were able to cruise quietly downriver and ambush poachers and help prevent violations. The rangers were also pleased that the MOKAI are highly fuel efficient, allowing them to travel over 100 km on just one tank of gas. The strong polyethylene hull even withstood the claws and teeth of curious bears.

Wild Salmon Center is grateful to MOKAI for their contribution to our efforts to conserve viable salmon populations in priority rivers of Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. To learn more please visit:  Kamchatka Program


Inaugural MOKAI River Rally

When we started the Mokai Company, we always envisioned a MOKAI River Rally wherein MOKAI owners from different areas would gather. Our inaugural rally took place on the scenic St. Lawrence River in Waddington, NY, August 2009.

Our base camp was waterfront property located on a tributary brook to river, property of MOKAI owners, Mike and Cindy. In addition, we were joined by Alex and Carol, owners since 2006 hailing from Lavel Canada, Mike and Nadine, owners since Aug 2008 from Broadalbin, NY as well as members of the MOKAI staff and their families. Our “regatta” consisted of 11 boats with captains from 7-65!

Our first day involved a 30 mile tour of the St. Lawrence River, including a quick jaunt to the Canadian side – no passports required. Later that night we enjoyed a Firework display from our MOKAI’s courtesy of the Waddington Homecoming event taking place in town. Then back to the campfire for more serious MOKAI talks! Day two allowed us to further explore the area and the feeding tributaries to the St. Lawrence with a trip to Coles Creek

The MOKAI staff, including President, Rick Murray, were on hand to answer any questions, comments or concerns, in addition to having a little fun. We enjoyed hearing about the adventures our customers have had since purchasing their MOKAI’s!