Our Story

Our grass roots company began in the late 1990's with a group of proud and passionate designers, engineers and manufacturers that were also outdoor enthusiasts.  Our goal was to produce a unique watercraft, but we also wanted to provide a unique and pleasurable experience for our customers when buying a MOKAI.  We decided to take an alternate route from traditional thinking, though our innovative MOKAI design already started this, and become the first internet based, factory direct boat manufacturer. This vertical integration means we perform every function in the manufacturing and sales process, from design,engineering and production through final assembly to ship to your doorstep. A direct sales model allows us to to pass the savings on to you while giving you access to Us! We pride ourselves on an exceptional customer service model. While we cannot always be perfect our team always strives for excellence.

Why Factory Direct

Reach Live Knowledgeable People at the plant. One strength of being factory direct is the relationship we have with potential customers and MOKAI owners.  Communication with the Manufacturing Plant is quick and easy through phone and email from anywhere in the world. Since you called the factory you can be guaranteed you will get the answers you are looking for! Phones are answered in person and email are returned promptly. 

Access to Key Departments. Most often your questions will be directed to the individual that designed, manufactured or assembled the component you want more information about.  Our entire team is hands on from the Cleaning Staff right up to the President!

Complete Understanding of the Process and the Product. Due to our vertical integration there is a complete understanding in the evolution of the components of the MOKAI.  Many times our parts are designed with features for future enhancements not recognized by the end user.  Most members of the MOKAI team have been with us for 8 years or more.

Best Value for the Customer. Our factory direct model allows us to offer the best value to the customer. Our margins and efficiencies are passed directly to the customer. Each and every member of our team has a common goal – to produce the highest quality product and provide exceptional customer service.

Design & Engineering Process

The MOKAI is fully designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. Once a part is conceptualized, our engineers use the latest Solid Works and Flow Simulation software to digitally create functioning 3D models as well as G code to machine the part.  Afterwards our CNC machine shop or 3D printing produces the prototype components to be tested and evaluated. Our agile work flow allows us to immediately implement new parts to the assembly line, resulting in the most up to date version watercraft being shipped to you.


A customer once said our design was "sophisticatedly simple", and we  could not agree more. Each of our over 100 uniquely  designed and produced parts in the MOKAI was thought out with the customer in mind. Quick connecting fasteners, tool free assembly and precision alignment allow the MOKAI to quickly transform for easy transportation and storage.

Manufacturing Process

We've given a lot of thought to insure our manufacturing process did not pose any risk to our employees or the environment. Our hulls are created from rotomolded polyethylene, which if not up to our high quality standard can be scrapped and recycled.  In the unlikely event a breach to the hull occurs, it can be easily repaired by "welding" the plastic with a soldering iron.  The MOKAI's cast components, also done at US foundries, use only top grade materials of stainless steel, brass and aluminum. We are proud to manufacture a product wherein all components can be returned and recycled back to their primary material state. 


We stand by our products 100% and committed to maintaining happy customers. The MOKAI watercraft comes with bow to stern warranty protection for 2 years. Should you have any problems, our trained representatives will be happy to work with you to trouble shoot any issue. In the event that a replacement part is needed, our service team has a 24 hour turnaround time. Learn more about our warranty here.